What We Do

Strategy & Planning

If your analytical indicators and your P&L don’t tell the same story, then why use them? We make sure your Budgets, Forecasts and Strategic Plans are tied to your analytics.

Business Intelligence

We have experts in the latest and most widely-used tools.  Whether it’s a published Tableau or Power BI dashboard or maximizing Excel’s potential., we can right-size a solution for you.


Having data means nothing if it doesn’t help you make better business decisions. We have extensive experience in metrics and KPI development, statistical analysis, data management and BI.

How We Can Help


You don’t need a data and analytics expert on staff, but you need one for that big project.  We will provide the help you need and make sure you are ready to continue without us when we are done.


You have data and analysis needs but don’t want the cost, or work, of managing a new department.  We can be your remote data and analytics department so you can save on time, effort and office space.


Whether it is for your executives or your analysts.  We can provide the knowledge you need to improve your data and analysis skill set.  From Power BI or Tableau classes Strategic Plan design.  We can help.


If you just need someone to consult with on a project.  Need high-level guidance or advice.  We have experts in various disciplines that can help.